vID Internal Resource Center
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1. Introduction

Overview of vID App
What is vID?
How does it work?
Key Features: ID Scanning, Selfie with Liveness Detection, SSN Collection.
vID Application's Value Proposition
Importance of Identity Verification in Today’s Digital Age
Challenges with Traditional Verification Systems
How vID Addresses These Challenges

2. Technical Documentation

Getting Started with vID App
System Requirements
Installation Guide
Initial Setup
Integration Guides
API Documentation: How to Integrate vID with Other Systems
Understanding the Biometric Threshold
What is it?
How is it calculated?
Manual Review Guide
When does an ID move to manual review?
Steps to Conduct Manual Review
Manual Review Matrix

3. Sales and Marketing

How to Pitch the vID App to End-Customers
Understanding Your Audience
Tailoring the Pitch to Different Industries
Marketing Collaterals
Product Brochures
Case Studies & Success Stories
Promotional Videos
Selling Strategies
Positioning vID against Competitors
Overcoming Common Objections
Pricing Strategies

4. Training and Support

Training Modules
Video Tutorials
Support Documentation
Troubleshooting Guides
Contacting Cerebrum Support
Updates and Change Logs
New Features
Bug Fixes
System Improvements

5. Compliance and Security

Data Handling and Privacy
How vID Handles Data
Compliance with Soc2
Security Protocols
Data Encryption and Storage
Regular Security Audits
Reporting Vulnerabilities
Legal Documentation
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
SLAs and Service Commitments

6. Feedback and Community

Feedback Mechanisms
Feedback Form
Report Bugs

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