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Data Handling and Privacy

Compliance and Security Guide for Cerebrum's vID App

In a digital age, data security, and compliance aren't just important; they're imperative. At Cerebrum, with our vID App, we prioritize efficient identity verification and the meticulous handling, protection, and compliance of the data being processed.

Data Handling Practices

Data Collection
Our vID App is designed to capture:
Front and back of IDs
Selfie with liveness detection
Social Security Numbers
All data collection abides by regulatory standards, ensuring minimal personal information exposure and maximum encryption.
Data Storage and Encryption
Every piece of data collected is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Our state-of-the-art encryption methodologies ensure that the data is unreadable without the necessary decryption keys.
Data Retention
Post-verification, data retention periods are strictly in line with regulatory needs, after which data is securely purged.
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