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Selling Strategies

Selling Strategies

Positioning vID against Competitors
Superior Technology: Emphasize vID's cutting-edge biometric algorithms and liveness detection.
User Experience: Highlight the app's intuitive interface and fast verification process.
Comprehensive Solution: vID isn't just an app; it's a holistic identity verification solution with backend support and manual review capabilities.
Overcoming Common Objections
Security Concerns: Assure clients with vID's encryption methods, data handling policies, and compliance with global privacy regulations.
Cost Objections: Discuss the ROI, emphasizing cost savings from preventing fraud, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer trust.
Integration Worries: Highlight the straightforward integration using Cerebrum’s API, along with comprehensive technical support.
Pricing Strategies
Tiered Pricing: Offer different packages based on the scale of usage - ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises.
Bundle Offers: Provide bundled solutions, combining vID with other services, at a discounted rate.

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