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vID App Overview

What is vID?

vID is Cerebrum's flagship digital identity verification solution. Designed with security and user experience at its core, vID aims to revolutionize how businesses verify individual identities in today's fast-paced digital age.

How does it work?

The vID app provides a seamless user experience by guiding users through a straightforward three-step process:
ID Scanning: Users are prompted to scan the front and back of their official identification.
Selfie with Liveness Detection: Users take a selfie to ensure the person is real and matches the ID provided. Liveness detection prevents the use of photos or masks, ensuring that the person is present during the verification process.
SSN Collection: For an added layer of verification, users are asked to enter their Social Security Number.
Based on our advanced biometric algorithm, the app evaluates the data and either confirms the identity instantly or routes the information for a manual review.

Key Features

Advanced Biometric Analysis: Through complex algorithms, vID can quickly determine the authenticity of provided documents and selfies.
Liveness Detection: Ensuring that the verification process is tamper-proof and genuine.
Encrypted SSN Collection: Your SSN is an integral part of your identity. vID makes sure it's collected and stored with the utmost security.

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